We have created this guide to tell you about the most frequently used opportunities for using the system and to help users greatly simplify system-learning process in comparison with the independent study.


You can create your own account. To create a new account, enter your email and create a password, which include more than seven characters. Confirm your email address and log in.

Login is carry out in usual way - by entering a login and password. If you sign up by invitation, after login you’ll find yourself among your employees. If you register yourself, the list of organizations will be empty, you can create your own. InWorkspace is an environment for business communications, so it’s supposed that you are a member of an organization.


Organization is an information container for all your activities and products. If you want to invite employees with e-mail addresses that belong only to your mail domain, you must fill out the field with your organization domain.

First, create your organization.To do this, click the button "Create an organization" and fill out the registration form. In one organization, you can create several workspaces.


Workspace – is a part of the organization. Your work directions, for example:

  • Projects, project groups
  • Working directions
  • Area for communication with clients (external users)
  • Information space for installing applications
  • File storage, etc.

Add people

To organize the workflow, you should add new employees. To do this, use the respective button. You can select users from organization's contact list or independently send invitations to employees email addresses.

Note that if users added only into workspace and not invited to organization, they are external employees, and the current organization activity won’t be accessible for them.


You can plan your work schedule within the system. Assign tasks to employees and monitor their performance.

Creating Tasks

To create a new task, click on the button «Create new task». Describe a task and assign it to yourself or to a user. To complete the task, mark by required task, then it will automatically go into "My Finished" section.


After filling the form, the user can add a label to the task; it will speed up its future search and filtering.


Pay attention to "Contacts" field, it’s located in main menu. Here is a list of all the employees that you added in InWorkspace.

You can use the contact search to select the right employee. In addition, there is filter by organizations and workspaces.

When you click on "Action" button opens a drop-down menu, where you can work with profile of selected user.


Calendar reflects the events that you indicated in connection with any records in applications or tasks or somebody assigned task with date for you.

Web Forms

Create feedback forms in InWorkspace. Click on the link in the application menu to web form editor. You are in preview section of web form. The blocks of the web form settings displayed on the right side.

In the allowed domains, enter the address of the site for posting the form. You can add multiple addresses using the " + " icon. Embed code: embed code allows you to add the web form of your application to your site. To do this, add the current code to site code.

Web Form Configuration: to change the composition of the fields displayed in the form, select the required fields in the Application Fields area.

To protect yourself from spam, add CAPTCHA to the form.

Enter a title and / or description that will be display above your web form in the "Title and Description" section.

Enter the text to display on item's save button, for example, "Send".

Enter a message about successful sending of data to your application, for example, "Thank you for your application, we will contact you in the near future."

After making changes in web form settings, you should save them by pressing the "Save Changes" button .


An application is an information object, a spreadsheet with user-defined columns, where each column corresponds to a particular data type. You can create the application by yourself or install it from the application collection.

App store in InWorkspace allows you to select existing applications that are suitable for some typical workflows. If necessary, after installation, users can make changes in their structure (for example, add a new field). This function is provided in the Application Designer. You can learn more about creating new applications in our user manual.

Tariff selection

Depending on the needs of your organization, you can choose one of the presented tariff plans.


To update the tariff, open the organization settings menu of and select the "update" item. In expanded window, select the appropriate tariff for your organization and start the update.

You need to enter in PayPal payment system, complete the required fields and confirm the payment.

I can’t log in

Carefully check the entered login and password, if necessary, use the "Forgot Password" button. You will receive a link on registered mail for creation a new password. If this step does not help, please go to the "Contacts" section and contact us inconvenient for you way. Our managers will be happy to help you.

What is the difference between external users and employees?

When you invite a user to your organization, it becomes your employee. Therefore, he can see all open workspaces. He has the right to go there, edit and supplement their content. If you invite an unregistered user to a specific workspace, this user is external. He will see only this workspace. All other aspects of your work activity will be unavailable for him.

Can I create private workspaces only for myself or for selected employees?

Yes, users can create spaces that are available only by invitation. All other users can neither access it nor see it.


For our user’s convenience, we created special applications and combined them into a package for working with the client base. You only need to install it in the selected workspace and start using it. You can use InWorkspace platform as a tool for creation your own client base. Entire history of relationships with each client, as well as the level of productivity of employees will be available at any time.

Principle of work with CRM in InWorkspace - first user fills basic data about company, then contact person and then results of meetings and conversations in "Contacts" application.

In order to add a new company to the list, use the corresponding button. You will see a window with fields for filling. Fields marked with an asterisk are required. After entering all necessary information, click the Save button. You created the first item in the list. You can change type of displayed data. To do this, use the button to change the look and choose a different way of displaying. You can change the number of displayed columns in table by using a button on setting panel.

In the person's application, the user enters information about the contact persons in the client's company. Add a new person in the same way as adding a company, only now in the same field, you can specify the organization created earlier.

The contact application fills in last. It’s a result of business meetings and negotiations with customers. Here you can bind both the company and the person.

Thus, you can see that working with CRM in InWorkspace does not require additional skills, but it also structures the workflow and greatly simplifies control over employee productivity.

Contracts accounting

Register contracts, separate orders, delivery stages and order payments by using the contracts execution accounting.

For our user’s convenience, we created special applications and combined them into a universal package. You only need to install it in the selected area and start using it.

The principle of work with applications in this package - user enters a framework agreement with the customer into the system, then, adds orders with detail conditions of work, as well as the results of delivery and payment terms. You can track the stages of execution of orders in the application "Execution".

In order to add a new company to the list, use the corresponding button. You will see a window with fields for filling. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory. After entering all the necessary data, click the Save button. You created the first item in the list. You can change type of displayed data. To do this, use the button to change the look and choose a different way of displaying. You can change the number of displayed columns in table by using a button on setting panel.

Now you can add an agreement with the client to the application. Fill out the suggested fields and save the record.

Use the corresponding button to add a new order. In this application, you can specify previously added company and contract, save the item.

It’s comfortable to monitor the implementation of orders by using the execution app. Create a new record using the "add delivery" button. Add the necessary information and save the record.

Thus, you see that the algorithm for filling applications is simple enough and does not require additional skills, while you get reports about contracts execution.

File sharing and file storage

To work with the necessary files, you don’t need to be distracted from the workflow. You do not need to switch between the browser and computer memory or the cloud. All the items are at your fingertips. Create a workspace for working with files.

Invite employees or make the workspace opened to all members of your organization. All that's left to do - add files to the workspace by using the loader.


Activity stream

Workspace activity stream displays the changes you've made: adding a new employee, creating a new application, editing the application, adding a new application item and so on. It is a space for employee communication also.Stream allows you to create polls, discuss new projects or format of corporate party in statuses form; users can add comments and «like» each status.

Use the following buttons to attach objects to a new status:

  • To attach files, click the icon
  • To share a link, click the icon
  • To arrange a poll click the icon


Often there is a need for personal correspondence, exchange of files or links with one or more of the participants in your workspace. In this case, you do not have to be distracted and use third-party tools, since InWorkspace has the ability to exchange personal messages.

To attach a file or link to a message, use the appropriate buttons in the dialog menu. You need to select at least one recipient for sending a message and to fill at least one field(subject / message) or attach a file / link, system can’t send an empty message.