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About service

Our offer

Contracts and equipment accounting, personnel management, storage and exchange of files - you can use different opportunities and, importantly, create your own information systems.


Unified client base creating

We have developed a simple and understandable customer relationship management system where users can track potential customers and sales. We do not impose our vision of work, users are increasing system's capabilities , based on his own needs.Read more

Tasks and projects

Monitoring the implementation of each project phase

How to reduce the number of gliders, the amount of reporting and speed up the implementation of the project at the same time? Organize files, discussions, control of project implementation and personnel management in one place. The close cooperation of working groups accelerates the fulfillment of orders and increases the effectiveness of urgent tasks solving.Read more

Corporate Social Network

Close cooperation of colleagues and clients

InWorkspace invites your employees and customers into a space for collaboration and communication, where the solution of work issues and information exchange takes place in the usual form.Read more


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A complete set of tools for collaboration and communication.
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Read our informative guide, where described the work with the most popular system functions.

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